Particularly Brutal Job Rejection #1

The first installment what I have NO DOUBT is going to be a long series.

Context: I applied for an online editorial internship. Lady liked my résumé, sent me the beginning of a manuscript to edit (it was a chapter in an economics textbook), asked me to track the changes I made and send it back to her. She also sent me a ‘guide’ of sorts on how to edit. Keeping her guide in mind (which, the message I took from it was, ‘Don’t be afraid to rip it apart!’), I marked it up and sent it back. Within hours, I get this email back:

“I’m looking for a different editing style. I can’t hire you for this internship.




I know editing is highly subjective, but… ouch. What slays me is the use of “can’t”. You could hire me, you’re just choosing not to. There’s a difference.

I know, I know. I should’ve sent her a thank you letter for taking the time to give me a chance. But, this email came to me when I was at a bar celebrating a good friend’s birthday, and I might’ve ended up crying at a table full of people I didn’t know that well. Not because I wanted this specific internship super badly, but holy crap is it hard not to take it personally. It didn’t help that it was like my fifth rejection in a row.

But, oh well. What are my choices? Not apply for jobs so as to not receive rejections?

I soldier on.


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